The Story behind this girl from germany

QUAD MX LIVE.....more then a Hobby.

My Name is Milena and that is Quad MX’s ME! 

A Place for all European Quad MX Riders with all Informations, Results, Links, Pics and Live Videos from the Races in Europe. 
All this starts with my Dad as i was a child with 5 yaers old. He put me in a Kart and so it crowed up the Love to Motorsport. As i was 23 years old, i saw for the first time a regional Quad MX Race “Hessencup” and since this Moment i want to ride Quad. In 2017 i had an Operation on my Hand and can’t ride. Because of that i started with Live Videos from the German Quad Championship. Many People were so thankfully of that and wrote me. So i said, i have to create a site just for the Quads in Germany. A site with all Results, Pictures and Live Racing. The Name for the Site i created with all my Friends. This was the beginning of Quad MX Live. In Germany we had nothing before. At my first Quadcross of Nations in 2017 in Cingoli/Italy was my first Live on an International Niveau. Many Guys shared my Site like the Australien Team, the USA Guys and and and....this was the Moment where Quad MX Live went in the next Level. It was amazing! 
Since this time it grows up and up…..
It is my Heart Project and i want to help to give the Quad Riders a place in Europe, to give more Advertising and Appriciation for this Sport, cause everybody spend a lot of time and Money in it. 
My Name is Milena Krafthöfer, come from Germany and it’s an Honor for me to give all my best, with my funny english and my crazy Person for this amazing and best Sport in the World!